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October 6, 2012
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You hold your arm standing before the door from the world meeting. Your [hair color] hair waved in the wind and your [eye color] eyes sparkled from joy. Long you were gone, almost forgotten till China found you lying on the ground. Your hands were burned, not that you felt anything of it but the scars bothered you. People always looked at them and thought you were weak, like China. But today was a new day a new day to impress all countries. You put on the black gloves to cover the burn marks and took a deep breath before you entered the building. All countries directly looked at you and China waved. You walked over to him and sat down on the chair next to him looking at the other countries. You looked at each one. There was a blond haired man with thick eyebrows, another blond haired guy with glasses, a brown haired guy with a goofy face and… your eyes widened when you saw the tall beige/blond haired man. You shook your head. Did you knew this man he seemed familiar. China saw you look at the man: "_____ don't make eye contact" he whispered. You turned your head towards China: "why? Who is he?". "his name is Russia and he's mean aru" China answered. Russia no it didn't ring any bells but still his face… "okay the first subject of this meeting is the economic crisis" the man with the glasses said. China stood up: "guys I first want to introduce you to someone aru" China said and looked at you "this is _____". You smiled "Nice to meet you all". You heard a lot of voices saying hello to you in different languages. After a few minutes the guy with the glasses whose name was America stood up again: "back to the economic crisis! We should make a hero and let him make all kinds of food and". The American kept on blabbering when you suddenly felt a chill going through your spine. You looked up and saw Russia standing behind you. He looked down on you with a creepy smile. You started to shiver a little bit. "meet me after the meeting before the building, da?" he said with a Russian accent. You nodded: "o-okay" you stuttered. He ruffled your hair and walked away.
His voice… it seemed familiar as well. you pulled on your glove. Who is this guy….
China snapped you out of your thoughts "everything alright ____?". You nodded "I'm fine". "what did Russia want aru?" he asked. No you weren't going to tell what he wanted to China he would go into protect-mode and kept you away from Russia. "he wanted to know how to write my name" you lied. You mentally kicked yourself. What a lame lie. China shrugged and listened to the others again. You sighed relieved. He believed it.
After the meeting you waited next to the door. You saw all countries come out of the building but no Russia. You just wanted to walk away when you felt a hand on your mouth. It dragged you to the side of the building where nobody could see you. "you came" the Russian voice said happily. You looked up and saw Russia. What was he doing? Why?. With his free hand he grabbed your wrist "I believe we met before, da?" he said holding your hand close to his face. What was going on! Who was he? Many questions flashed through your head but you couldn't find any answers. The big man grabbed one of your gloves and pulled it of revealing the burn marks on your hand. You looked up terrified. "so it really is you…" he said with a calm voice and pulled back his hand that was placed on your mouth to let you speak, still holding your hand. "what do you mean" you asked and looked in the Russian's purple eyes. "let me tell you a story ____"

"once in a cold country there was a little boy. He always was very lonely and on a day he walked through the snow when he suddenly saw a girl…"


A very young you sat in the snow cooling her just burned hands. Tears dropped of her face. "it hurts so much" she whispered not that anyone could hear you. The snow cooled pretty good and the cold made you enable to feel the pain in your hands but you kept crying. You were bullied by lots of people and this made you very lonely. You closed your eyes when you suddenly heard a voice. "hello" it said and you looked up. A kid from your age was looking down at you smiling. "h-hello" you stuttered.  The boy tilted his head and looked at your face: "why are you crying?". You showed him your burned hands. "you're clumsy?" he said smiling. You shook your head "someone else did this.." you put your hands back in the snow. The kid sat down next to you "you know once I will become a great country and then I'll protect you!". You smiled but it faded away quickly. "you don't believe me?" he asked and stood up. "no no that's not it…" you said "it only hurts so much". The boy looked at your hands "I have to go now but you'll be here tomorrow as well right?". Before you could say a thing the boy ran away. You blinked a few times and sighed.
The next days you always talked to the kid in the snow but when you asked his name he would always talk about a different subject. You two became good friends and your small kid heart started to love him.
You just wanted to go to the place again when a big hand grabbed your arm. A unknown but friendly faced looked down at you. His almost black hair tied in a pony tail glowed in the sun. "you'll come with me and I'll raise you okay?". You couldn't believe it for the first time a adult wanted to help you! He wanted to raise you like a daughter! At least something like that. He lifted you and touched the point of your nose. "My name's China" he said you smiled "I'm ____". "I'll take you home" he said and started to walk in the opposite direction from the place where you always met 'the kid'. "but…." You stuttered but he didn't react.


"the boy decided to give the girl some sunflowers because they reminded him of her. But when he reached the place where they always met she wasn't there. The boy kept waiting for hours but she didn't come. He kept coming to the place with his sunflowers every day but she didn't came. The boy grew up but still came to the place at least once a week. But the girl in the snow never came back." Russia stopped. "I-I-I" you stuttered "I'm sorry" tears appeared in your [eye color] eyes and rolled down your face. You rubbed in your eyes with your burned hands when you suddenly felt someone pulling you into a warm hug. now you really started to cry and hugged him back "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" you kept saying. He gently rubbed your head: "you want to know why the sunflowers reminded the boy of the girl, da?". You nodded. "because they're the most beautiful flowers in the world and so was… nyet so is she" he said kissed you on the cheek.

"____!? Where are you aru?" you heard someone calling out for you. "China! I better go" you said and turned around but Russia grabbed your arm. "I'll see you tomorrow, da. I don't want to lose the girl in the snow again" he said. You nodded. "this time for real?" he asked. "yes this time for real" you said smiling and ran back to China: "I'm here!".
EDIT: wow first day and already 500 faves thank you so much ^-^. ow and I get many questions about the picture. I didn't draw it! I just found it on photobucket

request for :iconrosentanz:
I hope you don't mind I changed the title a little bit ^^;

I love writing reader inserts with Russia I love his personality and it has lots of options. also Russia as a child is so adorable especially in the manga.

[link] second page first panel so cute >w<

Hetalia belongs to: Himaruya Hidekazu
you to: :iconsexyrussiaplz: (or :iconcutechinaplz: )
story belongs to: ~Small-Sunflower AKA me
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